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Pipita handmade-craft


Pipita was born in September 2019, motivated by the desire and need to start my own business.

Since I was little I have always loved drawing, painting and crafts. Likewise gardening, thanks to my mom I learned to care for and appreciate the beauty of plants in all spaces at home.

Then my idea of ​​combining these activities that I enjoy so much came up.
Illustrate pots painted 100% by hand, and my vision from the beginning has always been to make a difference, offer exclusive and original designs and thank God my work has had the acceptance and support of all the people who know my brand because my products do not they are just common designs.

Why do I say this? Because most people share photographs of special moments with their loved ones, pets, trips so that they can be hand-painted in my pots and not only that, they share the story behind each photograph and for me, it is a true privilege to be part of that special and emotional moment in some way.

This motivates me to work with feeling and put a lot of effort and love in each of my pots.

Helen Miranda - Foundress
Helen Miranda – Founder

You can start your own business too.

At pipita we believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to start their own business, for this, it is necessary that you obtain the essential knowledge to do so.

Below we leave you the links to online courses that will help you start your own business and learn to develop tools to promote it. Very soon we will also have our online workshops.