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Decorative Pots

We have a line of decorative pots, unique and fun, all in the Pipita style, you can copy us, but not equal us.
You can buy it in our store or order a special one; by contacting us by email, WhatsApp, our social networks or through our contact forms. It will be a pleasure to serve you!!

Custom pots

Do you have a special idea to give someone or decorate your spaces? At Pipita we specialize in expressing your ideas in our pots, all handmade with dedication and love, so that you can give a unique gift or a very original pot adorning your home, workshop or office or wherever you want to put it, contact us through our different means to create the best and most beautiful pot.

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Souvenirs for events

At Pipita we have our line for events so that you can give your guests a very special memory of your celebration and they can not only have a nice memory but also a beautiful ornament to decorate any space they want. Contact us to learn more about this service.

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